Video Virtual Tours

Have Never Been This Easy to Create & Share

Video Virtual Tours

Have Never Been This Easy to Create & Share

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Do you want to showcase something with a beautiful slideshow or virtual tour?

You can create one with just a few clicks in less than 5 minutes.

Turn Still Photos

still photos

Into Professional Videos


Easy to Use

There are no complicated programs to learn here. Our system is simple and intuitive. Create and share your video in just minutes.

Share to Social Media

We've made it easy to share your videos to all the popular social media platforms directly from the VidBoto website.

No Software to Install

The VidBoto platform is 100% online. There's no software to download, install, or maintain. This means all updates and new features will be available to you immediately.


Arrange your photos in just the right order, add titles and descriptions that will display on social media when you share them, and save your changes to keep customizing them later.

Get More Leads

Linking videos back to your web page creates a funnel effect, driving leads from multiple social media platforms to your page, generating more leads.

Developer API Coming Soon

Connect directly to our system using a REST API to create videos in bulk, at a discount.

How it Works

  • 1

    Upload Your Photos

    Simply upload photos from either your phone, computer, or tablet.

  • 2

    Create Your Slideshow Video

    Re-order your photos to make your slideshow video just right, add a description and a link back to your site, then create the video with a click.

  • 3

    Share it

    Share your video with the world by sending it to your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social accounts directly from the VidBoto website.

It's That Easy

What's Different About VidBoto

  • The virtual tours and slideshows normally created for real estate listing pages and other types of websites cannot be directly shared on social media. They use a technology called JavaScript and can only be displayed on the web pages they were specifically created for.
  • VidBoto creates real videos from your still photos. Video is a native social media file format, which means if you want to get maximum exposure on social media, your slideshows must be in video format. Native formats are always preferred when sharing on social media.
  • For example, when a video is shared on Facebook and people see it on their timeline, by default, the video begins playing immediately and they can see your video without any further action on their part.
  • With the old style JavaScript slideshows, people would need to click away from their Facebook timeline to see your slideshow video. For some social media platforms, like Instagram, you wouldn't be able to share those slideshows at all!

  • Since VidBoto creates a video file, it can also be downloaded to your computer or mobile device and shared just like any other file; by email, text message, etc.


$1 per video, which includes:

  • Create videos from your mobile phone or tablet
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Share videos to your social accounts
  • Manage your videos in one place
  • Funnel leads to your own site
  • Video hosting for 1 year
  • Pay only for what you need; no monthly subscriptions and no minimums

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